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Business Case Based Simulations  
business interactions / competency based simulation exercises   Peer meetings, direct report meetings, boss meetings, press meetings …
To observe 'real life' situations and candidates ability to handle them under pressure
Presentations based on business cases   To measure strategic focus, problem solving and decision making skills, planning and execution, attention to detail and analysis etc
Customer oriented role plays   To measure sales and customer service skills
Fact finding exercises   To measure analytical ability, awareness and solution focus
In tray exercises / written exercises   To measure communication skills, organization and prioritizing, time management, creativity and others
Group exercises   To measure communication skills, teamwork and ability to handle conflict
Interview questions   Technical and behavioural to assess suitability for specialized positions
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Selection & Retention
Leadership Development
* this list is not exhaustive
The above could be developed to supplement any online testing processes (ability tests, psychometric questionnaires) and results would be integrated and incorporated into a customizable report formats